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Time to bury strategy of weaponising disruptions in parliament: Vice President

New Delhi: Vice President and Chairman of Rajya Sabha Jagdeep Dhankhar speaking in the farewell session in the old Parliament told members it was time to bury the strategy of weaponising disturbance and disruptions in parliamentary functioning and termed them as unethical practices.
“Time to bury the strategy of weaponising disturbance and disruptions in parliamentary functioning as these are antithetical to democratic values and can never have sanction of the people- our ultimate masters,” Dhankhar said addressing the joint session held in the Central Hall of Parliament on Tuesday, as the proceedings will shift to the newly built building later in the day.
Marching into the new Parliament building, he called for enhanced cooperation and a consensual approach by all parties when it came to functioning of the house..
“Time for us to bid farewell to confrontational stance and resolve to ever keep national interest uppermost,” he said.
“Time has come to give up, once and for all, the premise of justifying transgression of conduct and outrageous disregard of rules in the temples of democracy by making reference to past instances,” he noted.
Speaking on the new Parliament, he said it is a testament to the dawn of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, and is much beyond an architectural marvel.
“It is a reflection of India's rich cultural diversity - a symbol of national pride, unity and identity,’ he said.
The Vice President also said that today India was witnessing history.
"On this momentous occasion, as we stand on the threshold of adding a new chapter to our Parliamentary democracy, I congratulate you all on our phenomenal rise. We all are privileged to witness this history as we bid adieu to this old Parliament building and move to the new one" he said
"An impactfully organised G20 resulted in the demonstration of India's global power. The new Building of Parliament, Bharat Mandapam and the YashoBhoomi are the most recent infrastructure masterpieces competing with the best in the world" said the Vice President
To start the day, members of both houses of the Parliament gathered for a joint photo session one last time in the old building.
The new Parliament was dedicated to the nation on May 28, 2023.

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