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Tiger seen spreading msg of ‘No Plastic’

Jaipur: After a tiger was seen carrying a plastic bag filled with garbage out of water in Ranthambore, the authorities have increased strictness to check taking plastic items inside the forest areas.

An interesting scene was observed in Ranthambore when tigress T8 Ladli’s son T86 ‘Chiriko’ was seen giving advice to humans. Two-three days ago in the Atal Sagar area of Ranthambore, wildlifer Shobhit Tiwari captured such a scene in his camera which is enough to give a message to humans to correct their mistakes.

Tiger Chiriko first reached the shore of Atal Sagar and then slowly went inside the water. The feline took a deep dive and when he came out of the waters, there was a big garbage sack in his mouth which was filled with plastic and other garbage. The tiger not only took this big garbage sack out of Atal Sagar but also took it far away and left it there. As if he is saying that ‘plastic has been banned in the forest, please do not bring plastic items into the forest.

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