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The spiritual side of Raj bureaucracy!

Jaipur: A senior IAS of 2004 batch Rajasthan cadre is living the life of a ‘Yogi’ these days, away from the statecraft and even his family. The officer is Ambrish Kumar, who had gone on a five year private deputation, in July 2020, to Isha Foundation in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore. The organisation, started by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, works in bettering the lives of common man and bring about a change in life style through spiritual powers.

Kumar is currently working as Project Director of ‘Isha Outreach’ and his working & lifestyle has the glimpses of a Yogi. On his display picture on Twitter, Kumar can be seen donning the clothes of a Yogi, standing outside a Temple.

Notably, it is the first instance of a Rajasthan cadre IAS going on deputation to a private organisation. There is a provision for this in the All India Service Rules and there are umpteen examples of IAS from other cadres going on private deputations.

48 year old Ambrish Kumar was selected in the IAS after completing his B.Tech in Computer Sciences. He has served in Jhunjhunu, Jaisalmer, Sri Ganganagar & Pali & has also served as Director of Social Justice and Agriculture Departments. Prior to going on deputation in July 2020, he went to Coimbatore several times after taking leaves. When he returns in July 2025, he will have 10 years to his retirement. However, as of now it can’t be said whether he will return to IAS or will permanently remain a Yogi.

It will be timely to cite a story of another IAS. This 1980 batch IAs is Ashok Shekhar, who was never accorded an important posting in State govt. Old officers have revealed that in 1992, Ashok Shekhar suddenly stopped coming to office and when he didn’t turn up for 15 days, a search for him was initiated. He was found in an Ashram in Beawar, having donned saffron robes and living the life of an ascetic. The then CM Bhairon Singh Shekhawat had made several efforts to bring him back and Shekhawat was successful too as the officer then served for several years.

Interestingly, another IAS, who is set to retire in 2023, is also leaning towards meditation, Yoga & ‘Swadhyay’. As of now, this officer is HOD of an important department, but he conducts meditation camps in his office & takes regular classes of officers & staff ! It is possible that after retirement he may immerse himself in Yoga and meditation.

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