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"The Future is here and now": PM Modi at 7th India Mobile Congress

New Delhi: After inaugurating the 7th edition of India Mobile Congress on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that 'The Future is Here and Now."
Speaking at the conference, PM Modi said "In the rapidly changing world of the 21st century, this event has the potential to change the fate of crores of people. There was a time when we talked about the future, which meant the next decade or the next century. But today due to changes in technology we say that the future is here and now."
The Prime Minister further said that we are moving in the direction of becoming leaders in the area of 6G technology. He also took a dig at the UPA government, mentioning the infamous 2G scam.
"We are not only expanding 5G in the country but also moving in the direction of becoming leaders in the area of 6G technology...Everyone knows what happened during the 2G (spectrum allocation during UPA govt). During our government, 4G was expanded but there was no stain on us. I am confident that India will lead the world in 6G technology," PM Modi said.
"Be it technology, be it connectivity, be it 6G, be it AI, Cybersecurity, Semiconductors, Drones, Deep sea, the times to come are going to be completely different and it is a matter of happiness for everyone that our young generation is leading the future of the country," he added.
Further, mentioning the recent announcement by tech giant, Google to manufacture Pixel phones in India, PM Modi said "Recently, Google has announced the manufacturing of its Pixel phone in India. Samsung's Fold 5 mobile phone and Apple's iPhone 15 are being manufactured in India. We are proud that the world is using Made in India mobile phones now."
He also emphasized start-ups in India and said the country has become one of the top 3 startup ecosystems in the world.
"In a short span of time, we have created a century of unicorns and have become one of the top 3 start-up ecosystems in the world. Before 2014, India had only a few 100 start-ups, but now this number has crossed 1 lakh. The median mobile broadband speed in India has increased by 3 times in the last year. In the speed of mobile broadband, where earlier we were at 118th position, today we have reached at 43," PM Modi added.

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