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The curious case of IAS Abhimanyu Kumar’s ‘extended stay’ in RajComp!

Jaipur: There is truly no logic to the issue, in any state government, as to which bureaucrat would be posted in a particular position in the administration or who would be given what responsibility.

Neither merit, seniority or juniority is an aspect here. And therefore arises an interesting case of RAJCOMP which is a highly technical department, but surprisingly, here, on the post of Technical Director, nor a full time official nor a person who knows the subject, has been posted here.

Rather a junior IAS of 2011 batch has been given the additional charge; an officer who has no connection with the technical work of the department.

The junior IAS - Abhimanyu Kumar - is project Director in the Agriculture Department. Kumar was JS, Plan in 2020 when he was given the additional charge of Technical Director of RajComp.

But in July 2020 he was transferred to the Agriculture Department, but he continued on the RajComp appointment, Interestingly, for sometime he was even given the charge of Managing Director.

In nearly the past two years, the state government has shuffled IT and RajComp Secretary more than two times but Abhimanyu has continued in his position without any problem.

Recently, yet another interesting development occurred when his batch mate, IAS Sandesh Nayak, was appointed as Managing Director RajComp and therefore he became Abhimanyu’s boss.

Knowledgeable sources claim that the post of Director RajComp is an extremely powerful position, whose approval is required on payment files.

Sources reveal that the trust of the matter is that a highly placed and powerful senior bureaucrat likes Abhimanyu’s work style and through him, this senior IAS wants to keep his involvement in RajComp continue unabated!

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