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Jaipur: The GAD is one of the key depts of any govt and in Rajasthan, from the very beginning, senior and experienced IAS officers have been holding reins of this dept.

However, over the course of the past few years, situation in the dept has gone from bad to worse as the govt itself is being lackadaisical towards the department as a result of this, the dept is in a ‘topsy-turvy’ situation. In fact, it was the previous govt that started the trend of damaging the direction and situation of GAD by giving the Secy of a different dept, additional charge of GAD. Then, under current dispensation, the state of affairs has gone several notches down and the frequency with which officers have come and gone from dept, making an all time record, has also ‘destabilised’ dept.

It is surprising to know that in past 3 years, 9 officers have come and gone. They are: T Ravikant, Rajesh Sharma, Bhawani Detha, Pritam B Yashwant, Hemant Gera, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Gayatri Rathore, Roli Singh and only last week Jitendra Kumar Upadhyay has taken the charge.

It is important to note that the reins of this ‘most important department’ of the state govt, which have been handed to ACS, Principal Secy or senior Secy level officers, that responsibility has now been entrusted to considerably new and junior Secretaries like Rajesh Sharma, Pritam B. Yashwant and Dinesh Kumar Yadav.

Officers like Bhawani Detha and Gayatri Rathore, were entrusted with work of other depts as well, and therefore they were unable to give proper attention to GAD. As a result everything is in a mess in the GAD and rules and regulations are being flouted at every moment. A total of 5 IAS are posted in GAD i.e. Roli Singh, Jitendra Upadhyay, Shelly Kishnani, Rajendra Shekhawat and Ramawatar Meena and it is for the first time that an ‘army’ of IAS officers is working in GAD.

But between them, the rules of business are being violated over the distribution of work and responsibilities. Shelly Kishnani has been posted in GAD as Special Secy but she is handling the works and affairs of Estates.

Harsahai is also appointed as JS in GAD but he is handling affairs of Motor Garage and Civil Aviation. Even though he is an RAS, Meena is the boss of Director of Civil Aviation - IAS Rajendra Shekhawat - and Controller of Motor Garage - IAS RA Meena. Roli Singh, who is long a long leave, continues to hold the charge of Chief of Protocol and DG, Civil Aviation and new Secretary Jitendra Upadhyay has not been given this responsibility.

Why it is so, is beyond comprehension. The works of Cabinet Secretariat is of sensitive nature and secretive but this work has been handed to retired officers Kailash Gupta and Chanda Lal Meena, who have been appointed as advisors. Both of them sign the cabinet files without any authority to do so and cabinet notices, agenda and memos are released after their signatures.

Not only is this highly irregular and wrong, but dangerous as well since private individuals do not have any accountability or are responsible for secrecy. Therefore, it also needs to be investigated as to who put these two on the posts even after their retirement and for what purpose.

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