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Telangana CM calls Police Integrated Command Control Centre symbol of govt's willpower

Hyderabad: With an aim to coordinate all the systems of the government sector, protect people in time and minimize the loss during disasters, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday inaugurated a State Police Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) and said that it was a symbol of the willpower of the government.
"The establishment of Police Command Control Center in Hyderabad is a symbol of the willpower of the govt. I have been saying that there should be a friendly policing system. We want an organization that provides services to people," said CM K Chandrashekar Rao. He also highlighted that the administration closed the poker clubs.
"Police should be more active in the coming days. If you work with good intentions to achieve good results, you will get good results. The Telangana police department should achieve great results. We want an organization that provides services to people. Advice from elders should also be taken," he added.
CM KCR also praised the police commissioners who worked in the past and have rendered great services to Hyderabad.
KCR laid the foundation stone and performed Bhumi Puja of ICCC on November 22, 2015.
The state government spent around Rs 500 crores for the construction of the centre. There are five blocks in the centre. Tower 'A' has 19 floors including the ground floor. Tower 'B' has two basement ground floor with 15 floors, Tower 'C' -Auditorium Ground Floor and two floors, Tower ' D' - Ground plus first floor, In Tower 'E', CCC has been established between 4 and 7 floors.
Tower 'A' is the tallest among all the towers. It has a total of 20 floors. DGP chamber is on the fourth floor and the Hyderabad Police Commissioner's chamber is on the 18th floor. Other top-level officials' chambers are on the 7th floor.
CCTV feed and other information of all districts of Telangana are connected to CCC in Hyderabad.
The government aims to control crime in the state with continuous monitoring.
"It houses the centres of all important government departments including Police, Revenue, GHMC, Health Department, Natural Disaster Management Department," said the statement.
"In case of any calamity or accident, the problem is solved with the coordination of all the departments," it added.
According to the statement, along with day-to-day law and order maintenance, the command control centre helps to monitor security and traffic control during large public gatherings and festivals.
"All the information regarding Government and private hospitals, all ambulances, fire stations, police stations, all major locations, bus stands, railway stations, airports, major intersections, markets, etc. is connected to the high-end data analysis center in the CCC," it added. (ANI)

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