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Tamil Nadu's Ooty turns into iceland as minimum temperature drops

Nilgiris: As North India shivered in the biting cold, Ooty in the south saw the mercury drop below 2.5 °C with relative humidity recorded at 65 percent.
Frost in surrounding areas of Ooty was also observed.
The hilly district of Nilgiri experiences frost every year from November to February. But this year, it started late in January due to stormy rains. Icy plains were observed in Ooty City and surrounding areas like Kanthal, Pinker Post, and Thalai Kunta.
The normal lives of the common people have been disrupted. Due to the severe cold caused by this frost, many people are not able to come out of their houses in the morning. People are sitting around bonfires to keep themselves warm.
A white carpet was seen on the green lawns and an ice sheet was observed on vehicles.
The cold in the village, situated in the upper reaches of Tamil Nadu, sent the locals, unaccustomed to such extremely low temperatures, scrambling for the warmer indoors while throwing life out of gear.
Large patches of grasslands in the Nilgiris district appeared to be something akin to a wonderland, with fresh dew drops, often called white frost, carpeting the green grass.
The white frost was noticed across several areas of the popular hill station, including Ooty Nagar, Thalikunda, HPF, Kanthal and Fingerpost.
Up to an inch of ice was found on parked vehicles, with residents complaining of experiencing problems trying to fire up their cars.
According to local MeT officials, there has been significant variation in the day and night temperatures in recent weeks, with the maximum temperature hovering over 25 degrees Celsius.

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