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Tamil Nadu Police grants permission to RSS for 3 out of 50 rallies

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Government on Wednesday informed the Madras High Court that the State Police has only allowed Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) rallies at 3 places out of 50.
In 23 places the authorities had asked the party to carry out a procession indoors. In the remaining 24 places, no permission could be granted. RSS has planned to conduct rallies across Tamil Nadu on November 6.
Earlier RSS planned to conduct rallies on October 2 for which Tamil Nadu Government denies permission citing the law and order problem.
Then RSS got permission for their rally on November 6 from Madras High Court.
Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Police have denied permission for RSS rallies in many places for which RSS office bearers moved a contempt of court petition in the Madras High Court.
Senior Council for Government has said in Court, "Tamil Nadu Police has refused to permit the RSS route march in 24 out of 50 places where the permission had been sought across Tamil Nadu on November 6. District-level officials had granted permission only in three places and said it can be conducted indoors in 23 other places."
Justice GK Ilanthiraiyan of Madras High Court said, "He shall peruse the reasons cited by the police for denying permission in 24 places and also take a look into intelligence reports before passing orders on the contempt of court petitions moved by RSS office bearers."
The judge would pass orders on November 4 after perusing the intelligence report. (ANI)

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