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Take appropriate action following SC order: Sharad Paward on Bilkis Bano incident

Mumbai: A Day after the Supreme Court struck down the Gujarat government's order granting remission to 11 convicts who had gang-raped Bilkis Bano and murdered her family members during the 2002 Godhra riots, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar requested the Maharashtra government to take appropriate decision based on the top court's order.
"I have only one suggestion for the Maharashtra government. That is, the Maharashtra government take an appropriate decision based on the Supreme Court's order," the veteran politician said speaking at a press conference.
Sharad Pawar said that the Supreme Court ordered that the Maharashtra government should decide on remission.
"The Supreme Court, in its order, said that the decision of remission is of the Maharashtra government, and the Supreme Court has given a good judgement...the decision taken by the Gujarat government was not needed...," Pawar said.
The NCP chief added that the Maharashtra government should not turn a blind eye to the fact that seven people died in the Bilkis Bano incident and atrocities were committed.
"I feel that the Maharashtra government will not ignore that seven people were killed and atrocities were done...," Pawar said.
Speaking about the upcoming meeting of the Mahavikas Aghadi partners, the NCP founder said that it is a preliminary meeting and there will be the first round of discussions on seat sharing in today's meeting.
"It's a preliminary meeting and discussion on criteria on seat sharing will happen in today's meeting...," Sharad Pawar said.
In the meeting, Jitendra Awad from the NCP will be present. Ahwad has been instructed to present the position of the party in front of other alliance partners.
Speaking on the allocation of party symbols, Pawar said that arguments are over in the case and there is some delay, though not purposely.
"We are waiting for the order on the party symbol. All the arguments are over. We have to prepare for elections now. I won't make any allegations that the delay is being done purposely. It may be due to the busy schedule of the ECI in other state elections..."
Speaking about Ajit Pawar targeting the NCP chief rallies, he said that he is ignoring them as present and will not take his claims seriously.
"It's good to ignore it and not take it seriously," Sharad Pawar said about his nephew, Ajit Pawar, who joined the Bharat Janata Party last year.
Speaking on Jitendra Awhad's statement on Ram Mandir, which has blown up a political storm in the country, Sharad Pawar said that Awhad should have avoided such comments.
"We have faith in Lord Ram...Awhad should have avoided giving such statements," he said.

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