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Support "deep reforms" of international institutions to reflect current realities of world: French President Macron

New Delhi: French President Emmanuel Macron, on Sunday, called for the expansion of the UN Security Council and "deep reforms"  in all international institutions, asserting that should reflect the "current realities" of the world, in terms of demography and economy. 

"We support deep reforms of global governance, Security Council but as well the World Bank and the IMF, they have to reflect today's realities in terms of demography and economy as well. And then we want to increase the available tools. That's why we want to replenish the World Bank and France is supporting that so that the emerging countries have a greater role to play..." the French President said while addressing the press conference on the culmination of G20 Summit in India.  
He also stated that France expects greater commitments by emerging countries for restructuring the debt of African countries.
"Next the IMF, we expect some greater commitments by the emerging countries when it comes to restructuring the debt of African countries. We stand ready to do more. And we said it today. So it is the very same agenda, greater financing, and mobilization around the world. France upgraded its commitments and we reached 0.5 per cent of our GDP allocated to development projects."

"And we also want the same to happen at the international level. And this is the reason why we're committed to the replenishment of IFAD- The International Fund for Agricultural Development. And the meeting will be taking place in December. And I would like to thank President Alvaro Lario of IFAD for being with us today...", the French President added. 

Macron, who arrived in India on Saturday for the G20 Summit, also talked about upholding principles of sovereignty, and territorial integrity of States regarding the Ukraine war. 

The French President said, "I thank PM Modi. Faithful to its principles India did its utmost for the G-20 presidency to serve unity and peace and send across the message of unity while Russia is still waging its aggression in Ukraine. So here I would like to thank Prime Minister Modi and say once again that from stands alongside India".

Emphasizing that G20 is not a forum for political discussions, the French President said in reference to the Ukraine war while reiterating that the bloc supports just and lasting peace. 

The French President said, "Let's be honest that the G20 is not a forum for political discussions. It was revived at the time of the financial crisis a few years ago. And we're here to mainly talk about economic topics and climate change.

So I think the G 20 should not get stuck into some other issues. And of course, we know that we disagree on Ukraine, given that Russia is a member of the G20. But as a matter of fact, things have been said. The G 20 said it supports a just and lasting peace. This is exactly the opposite of what Russia is saying."

"And the G20 itself reexpress our support to territorial integrity and the UN Charter. So that's it. But that being said, this is not the place where we will see some major developments, given in particular, what the situation is on the ground. And we have here 16 members of the G20 who voted and approved all the resolutions that condemn Russia, three abstained and what voted against them. And of course, this is Russia. So Russia precisely is in a very isolated position, the G 20," he added. 

The "use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible", G20 nations said Saturday in a New Delhi Leaders' Declaration under the mention of the Ukraine war.

Without mentioning Russia, the G20 member countries recalled the Bali declaration and underscored that all States must act in a manner consistent with the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter in its entirety and called for a "comprehensive, just, and durable peace in Ukraine" and reminded member states to "refrain from the threat, or use of force, to seek territorial acquisition".

"Concerning the war in Ukraine, while recalling the discussion in Bali, we reiterated our national positions and resolutions adopted at the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly and underscored that all States must act in a manner consistent with the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter in its entirety. In line with the UN Charter, all states must refrain from the threat or use of force to seek territorial acquisition against the territorial integrity and sovereignty or political independence of any state. The use or threat of use of nuclear weapons are inadmissible," the joint declaration read. (ANI)

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