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Students injured in clash between ABVP, SFI in Hyderabad University

Telangana: A clash broke out between the Students' Federation of India (SFI) and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) members at Hyderabad Central University on Friday, sources said.
Some students were also injured in the clash incident which broke out during students' union election held on Friday night, said sources. ABVP members alleged that SFI did violence against the tribal students of ABVP and used sharp objects like knives to attack them.
According to the ABVP members, tribal students and their members were beaten up by the SFI activists for not supporting their party.
Taking to Twitter ABVP tweeted, "SFI has unleashed violence against the tribal students and karyakartas of ABVP HCU. They used sharp objects like knives. We condemn this attack against our karyakartas. @ABVPVoice @ABVPTelangana."
SFI members alleged that ABVP knew that they were going to get defeated in the student union election and that's the reason they attacked and provoked the student community.
"Condemn the brutal attack by ABVP goons on SFI comrades today, on the night of the union election polling day, SFI comrades were brutally attacked by ABVP goons inside the Men's hostel F. The incident started with ABVP members in a drunken state abusing and targeting our comrades," SFI said in a tweet.
The drunken ABVP goon attacked comrades and broke the glass doors. Our comrades were assaulted with sharp glass pieces and cycles lying in front of the hostel, SFI tweeted.
The SFI members who got attacked were shifted to the hospital, SFI said.
SFI members further urged the student community to stand united against this hooliganism and said, "ABVP, fearing a defeat in the election is trying to attack and provoke the student community. ABVP has been resorting to violence since UGBM fearing an utter defeat in the SU 2023 polls."
More details on the incident are awaited. (ANI)

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