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"Strong govt needs to be formed at Centre": PM Modi at poll rally

Maharajganj: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday stressed that a developed Bihar and a developed India have to be made and said a strong government needs to be formed at the Centre for your bright future.
Addressing a public meeting in Bihar's Maharajganj, PM Modi said, "For your bright future, a strong government needs to be formed at the centre. As June 4 is nearing the abuses of the INDI alliance for Modi are increasing..."
"..They (INDIA alliance) cannot tolerate that the people of the country are going to re-elect Modi for the next 5 years...," PM Modi said, adding, "For your future & the future of your children Viksit Bihar (Developed Bihar) and Viksit Bharat (Developed India] has to be made," the PM added.
PM Modi accused the INDIA bloc of being an alliance of parties tainted by corruption and nepotism.
"The platform of INDI Alliance is not a political platform, it seems like a conference of scamsters of lakhs and crores. Scamsters of about 20 lakh crore rupees sit together on their platform. When they come together, three evils are clearly visible in them- They are extremely communal. They are extremely casteist and they are staunch nepotists."
PM Modi also said that the INDIA bloc had no regard for the dignity of Bihar "The dignity of Bihar and the respect of Biharis do not matter to the INDI alliance. When the DMK people abused Bihar, when the Congress leader from Telangana abused Bihar, even then Congress's family kept its lips shut."
This was PM Modi's second poll rally in less than an hour today. Earlier PM Modi addressed a public meeting at East Champaran.
"Modi is a thorn in the eyes of these people 24 hours a day, but despite their best efforts, I will remain steadfast in your service," PM Modi said, targeting Congress and its allies in the state.
"I do not have any inheritance of my own, you are my inheritance and you are also my heir," PM Modi said in his address.
The next round of voting would be held on May 25. The Lok Sabha elections are being held across seven phases, from April 19 to June 1.
The counting is scheduled for June 4.

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