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State border disputes should be resolved through dialogue: TN Governor

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi on Tuesday said state disputes should be resolved through peaceful dialogue as aggressive political inputs can only create problems.
Interacting with civil service aspirants here, the Tamil Nadu Governor said, "On Interstate state disputes like water, land etc, and in the process of sharing our resources, there is an interstate council with the Union Home Minister as its chairman. All disputes should be resolved through dialogue." On demonetisation, Ravi said the Supreme Court recently ruled in favour of the move.
"Demonetisation did affect some businesses but when you make a radical shift there will be an element of discomfort. However, in what was an upside of demonetisation, it spawned multiple digital wallets and e-commerce firms," he said.
The Governor claimed that digital commerce in India is the biggest in the world right now.
"When a decision of such magnitude is taken, there is a negative fallout. However, we have moved successfully to a less-cash economy and our digital transactions are the largest in the world," said Ravi.
The Governor said the upliftment of women is the key to India becoming a developed country and the Centre was implementing targeted schemes towards this end.
"Today, our women workforce is far less than it should be. We have to come forward and help women realise their true potential," he said.
On the arrest of Tamil Nadu fishermen by Sri Lanka, he said a long-time solution must be found.
"We don't have an exclusive economic zone between two countries. The matter needs to be handled sensitively and resolved as it affects the sentiments of our people," he added.
On Jallikattu, the popular Tamil bull-taming sport, he said there are people who think the animals are tortured but the sport is an intrinsic part of Tamil culture.
"We can't stop Jallikattu but there must be regulations to prevent animal cruelty," the Governor added. (ANI)

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