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"Special status for Andhra Pradesh is only possible with Congress": Andhra Cong chief Gidugu Rudra Raju

Vijayawada: "Special status for Andhra Pradesh is only possible with Congress" government, state party chief Gidugu Rudra Raju said today while interacted with people here.
Talking about the AICC 85th Plenary Session, Gidugu said, "On February 26,27, and 28, AICC 85th Plenary Session was held in Chhattisgarh. Leaders discussed to strengthen Congress. It has been decided to intensify the fight for special status for AP." "The Polavaram water project will greatly benefit the farmers of AP. Further, the Congress government also announced that it should be recognized as a national project and completed," he added.
Alleging "political dramas" on Polavaram, Gidugu said, "The rulers are playing political dramas on Polavaram. It was announced in the plenary that Polavaram would definitely complete if Congress came to power. Congress works for the development of backward districts."

Gidugu also talked about the Visakha Steel Factory and said, "Congress opposes the decision to privatize the Visakha Steel Factory. Manmohan Singh contributed to the development of Visakha Steel Factory. We have decided to support Visakhapatnam Steel Factory."
He also highlighted the contribution of Congress in caste enumeration of backward classes and said, "At the national level, Congress has worked on this to some extent in the past. The party is committed to caste enumeration of BCs as per social justice. It has been decided to give fifty per cent reservation to SCs and STs as a party organization."
Further talking for the youths in the state, AICC President said, "In order to encourage the youth, even if they are under fifty years of age, party positions are reserved for them."
Attacking PM Narendra Modi and Adani, Gidugu said, "We will explain Modi's lies and Adani's irregularities to the people. People's money was stolen by conspiracy."
"Strikes in mandal centres are organised on the 6th of this month for the Adani robbery case. On the 13th we will take up programs at Chalo Raj Bhavan. Let's join hands and go door to door in the name of Congress. Congress is sure to come to power in 2024. As per the assurances given, we will implement the items in the Bifurcation bill for AP. Special status and Polavaram are only possible with Congress. For us, the interests of the state are more important than self-interest," he added. (ANI)

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