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South Film Industry helped me to stay away from the wrong Bollywood films: Sonu Sood

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Chand Bardai is considered to be a great poet in Indian history as he composed and wrote the Prithviraj Raso, a poem based on the life of Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan. To see Sonu Sood, fill in the shoes of the ancient poet in the live-action film, made fans excited about this venture. Talking to First India Filmy, Sonu shared his insights about his role as Chand Bardai, the journey of ups and downs in the film industry, social work, South vs Bollywood row and more.

About Chand Bardai, Sonu said, “Chand Bardai, was a great warrior, poet, friend and astrologer. When you play such a role in the film, you realise that the story revolves around that one decision he made that determined the future. Such inspiring stories and visions of our ancestors are what we should bring forward to the young generation now.”



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Revealing why he chose this role, Sonu stated, “I don’t think you choose films, but films choose you. There are some roles that writers and directors write and it is immediately decided who that role goes to. I feel like when my mother used to tell me stories of Chand Bardai as a kid, it was decided then that the role would come to me.”



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Sonu further joked about how it took Yash Raj Films 23 years to bring a role to him. “A few years back, one YRF film did come to me but I failed to understand the role and it couldn’t work through”, he added.

He also added that he will start working on his next lead project, a cyber-crime thriller ‘Fateh’ from next month.

Talking about his extensive social work, the Dabangg actor spoke, “To maintain this social work life is very difficult. You don’t get time for this, but you have to reserve some if you wish to do it. But I enjoy doing this. The happiness I get by bringing people out of misery is beyond the satisfaction of films.”



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“I don’t know if a film would be made about this. But for me, the real-life is the biggest film where there are no retakes. The almighty is directing this film and I am playing the most important role of my career”, he added.

Talking about the South vs Bollywood row, Sonu revealed, “If a film is good, people will watch it with subtitles and if it is bad, people do not watch it in their own language. The moral is to make a good film, language does not matter.”



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Sharing his experience of working in both industries, Sonu stated, “South helped me to choose the right films in Bollywood. I refused several Bollywood films because I was secure in the South. I believed that only if the script is good, I’ll do a Bollywood movie. That helped me to stay away from the wrong films. So the South film industry was a huge support system for me.”

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