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Sonali Phogat death case: Goa police find crucial facts, collect important evidence in Haryana

New Delhi: The Goa police team in Haryana is conducting a probe in BJP leader Sonali Phogat death case that has been fruitful so far as crucial facts came to light and important evidence was collected, said Shobit Saxena, SP, North Goa on Thursday.

"The investigation is on track. We created a special team that went to Haryana. The team in Haryana is conducting a probe that has been fruitful so far, as some crucial facts came to light and important evidence was collected by them," said Shobit Saxena, Superintendent of Police, North Goa. SP Saxena further added that they have also recovered a bottle containing drugs at the Curlies restaurant and mentioned that proper action had been initiated by the DM.

"We have recovered one bottle which was containing some drugs at Curlies restaurant, Anjuna. Proper action has been initiated by DM. We are trying to discover all kinds of conspiracies from all angles," he said.
Meanwhile, Phogat's brother Vatan Dhaka informed that the Goa police have checked her bedroom and her office downstairs, where they found only routine documents and routine material.

"They (Goa Police team) checked her bedroom and her office downstairs and found only routine documents and routine material," said Vatan Dhaka.
However, the deceased's other brother Rinku Dhaka had said that the police came to conduct a financial probe only and alleged that their probe was a formality to spend time.

"They came here only for a financial probe. The main motive of the murder is yet to come to light. Goa Police has not said anything. It seems like a formality to spend time," said Rinku Dhaka, hinting at a political conspiracy behind the death of Sonali Phogat.

"Yes, it's a possibility," he said on being asked if there could be a political conspiracy behind it.
Earlier on Wednesday, Union minister Krishan Pal Gurjar had said that a fair investigation is underway in the alleged murder of politician Sonali Phogat and the guilty will not be spared.

Sonali Phogat, 42, was declared dead at the St Anthony Hospital at Anjuna in North Goa on August 23. A post-mortem report revealed blunt force injury on her body, following which the Goa Police registered a murder case.
Earlier, Goa Police had said that Sonali Phogat was forcibly drugged by her two associates who were arrested after being named as accused in the case.

Notably, Haryana Police detained a man after the family accused him of taking a laptop and mobile from the farmhouse of the deceased BJP leader. Haryana Police has recovered the items following which the questioning is underway.
Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP), Hisar informed that a complaint was filed by the family of Sonali Phogat against Shivam.

"Family members filed a complaint against a man named Shivam accusing him of taking laptop and mobile. We recovered those and 4 DVRs (Digital video recorders). We are questioning him," said Naryan Chand, DSP, Hisar.
The official further said that the Goa Police is taking statements of the deceased's family and the Haryana Police is cooperating in the probe. (ANI)

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