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‘Silent performer’ & ‘troubleshooter’ Yadav being groomed for bigger role in BJP?

New Delhi: BJP, which has yet again sounded its poll bugle as the UP assembly elections are a few months away followed by several other states, is faced with a dilemma. 

The dilemma is not regarding its poll strategy or choosing strong contenders, rather it is one where the party is facing difficulty in finding the perfect replacement for perhaps one of the sharpest minds in the party’s arsenal who is not only a troubleshooter but also prefers to work in relative obscurity, without coming in the limelight.

The individual is Bhupendra Yadav who was recently included in the Modi cabinet and as a result he has had to vacate his place, as the general secretary and Bihar Incharge, in the party.  

The million dollar question is to whom will the party’s national president JP Nadda now entrust the responsibility that Yadav was performing! It is not merely finding a replacement for Yadav’s two positions but goes beyond that.

While Amit Shah trusted Yadav to the hilt, similarly JP Nadda also gave him several responsibilities for about one and a half years. Yadav was tasked with strengthening the organization, while functioning in the assembly election and even the local body elections. 

So finding his alternative is a big deal and this task will not be easy for the BJP.

Another important point is that the party will have to find a new face for the role he was playing as a Rajya Sabha MP. He used to be the BJP’s main speaker in the Upper House on all important issues. 

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