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Sikkim: 3 dead, 20 injured after milk truck plows into crowded fair

Gangtok: A truck crashed into a Tambola program in Ranipool, Gangtok District yesterday evening, resulting in three casualties and leaving around 20 individuals admitted to Manipal Hospital, said Gangtok District Magistrate Tushar Nikhare on Sunday.
"The Tambola program was going on in Ranipur at around 7.30 in the evening on Saturday. During the program, a truck entered there, due to which 3 people died. About 20 patients have been admitted to the Manipal Hospital. So as of now, they are under observation," DM Tushar Nikhare said
DM Tushar stated that medical attention is being diligently given to the patients, who are currently under observation.
"All the Medical attention is being made to them. Hopefully, we are hopeful of not increasing any casualty's number as such," DM Tushar said.
The Sikkim government has announced a compensation of 5 lakhs for the families of the deceased.
"Sikkim government has already announced under the direction of our honourable CM that the next of the knee will be paid 5 lakhs from the CM relief fund. All the expenses of the patient undergoing treatment in Manipal also will be done by the state government itself and if any referral has to be made outside the state for any critical patient for which the treatment might not be available here that expense will also be made by the state government," DM said.
On asking about the driver's potential influence, DM Nikhare refrained from commenting, citing an ongoing investigation.
"See that is again a part of the investigation so will I not comment on that. Once the details come we will let you know, as per the police authorities.
Regarding the involved vehicle, initially registered with the Sikkim Milk Union, the DM said that, according to preliminary reports, the vehicle is no longer affiliated with the union and had been auctioned off previously.
Questions about the timing of the mela were addressed by the DM, assuring that details are being reviewed by the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP). He expressed confidence that if the event had exceeded the allocated time, appropriate measures would have been imposed by the police authorities.
As the investigation unfolds, further details are eagerly awaited to shed light on the incident.
Further details awaited.

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