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SHOCKING! Kajal Aggarwal plagiarizes a poem in a post dedicated to her mom on Mother’s Day

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Kajal Aggarwal recently became a mother on April 19 to her beautiful son, Neil Kitchlu. On the special occasion of Mother’s Day on May 8, the actress shared a lovely poem on her Instagram handle dedicated to her mother. The poem titled, ‘Dear Mum’ was written along the lines of a note from a daughter to her mother, telling her that she understands her mother now as the daughter becomes a new Mom. The poem’s beautiful words suited the actress’ life aptly as she now dons the role of a new mother.



However, the actress received a lot of flak for her post as she had plagiarized the poem from another Instagram handle. Sarah, an Australian writer who goes by the username ‘Matrescent Muse’, shared a 21-stanza poem, ‘Dear Mum’ with a caption dedicated to her mother.



The plagiarism was revealed by Diet Sabya, an anonymous Instagram handle that calls out celebrities for such plagiarized and fake scenarios. Kajal shared the screenshot of the first three stanzas along with a similar caption. The actress also cropped the logo of the writer and did not give her the due credits.

In a story by Sabya, they shared the two posts side by side with the caption, “Not @KajalAggarwal and her social media team agency stealing the @ Matrescentmuse’s entire poem with the caption for Mother’s Day. Logo removed, caption copied-No credit.”

Even the original writer called out the actress in a now-deleted post. Sarah wrote, “My Dear Mum poem passed off as original work by @kajalaggarwalofficial. Even the caption is copied with a few words swapped out haha. If anyone has time to comment on her post asking her to give me credit, would hugely appreciate it!! Hopefully a misunderstanding…”

She added, “If anyone has time to visit her page and tag me in the post, that would be great (folded hands emojis) for someone with this many followers it will probably get ignored but it’s pretty disappointing! The weird copy of my original caption with a few words swapped out makes me think it isn’t an honest mistake. @kajalaggarwalofficial.”

After the huge backlash, Kajal edited her caption to mention the only original sentence she had added to her caption while deleting the rest which was copied. She even turned off her comments and added poem credits.

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