Tuesday, September, 26,2023

SHOCKING CONFESSION! Karan Johar reveals Varun Dhawan supported him through his breakup

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Koffee with Karan has seen it all; right from petty taunts thrown at each other, love confessions, love manifestation, revealing breakups, and simply passing around the best goss possible. But there is one thing that the show has been deprived of: Karan Johar’s love life. While the host may have grilled his interviewees to a point where they divulge all their secrets, he has been smart enough to keep his own personal life out of the grabs of the media. But the recent episode with Anil Kapoor and Varun Dhawan saw a shocking revelation where for the first time, Karan did mention his relationship.

The conversation started with Karan asking the duo about their views on infidelity. He mentioned how Varun had “interactions” with other girls before sealing the deal with his long-time girlfriend, Natasha Dalal. To this, Varun questioned the filmmaker about his increased interest in the concept of infidelity. Karan answered that he is just interested in general human behaviour. Not stopping at that, Varun asked him if he has ever cheated or got cheated on in a relationship. While Karan denied being in a relationship at the start, Varun pushed him further by saying, “You are saying you are not in a relationship, on National TV right now.”

Finally giving in, Karan replied, “You know I am not and you know I broke up.” Smiling at the answer, Varun confessed that he just wanted to get that out of him. Karan revealed how Varun was supportive while he went through a breakup and said, “You know I broke up and you were very supportive in that relationship. Thank you very much, but I broke up.”

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