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Shahbad Dairy victim's internal organs left 'hanging out' after brutal attack, chilling details emerge from post-mortem

New Delhi: The post-mortem report of the minor girl revealed that she was left with her internal organs hanging out of her stomach after being stabbed for 16 times by the accused Sahil at Shahbad Dairy area of Delhi on May 28.
As per the sources, the police have received a 16-17 page chargesheet from the hospital, wherein the grisly details of the murder have been described. It has been revealed in the post-mortem that Sahil's attacks were so severe and brutal, that victim's internal organs including the intestine came out, police sources said.
The report has revealed that accused Sahil had stabbed her multiple times and then burgeoned her head with a rock. Several stab wounds on the victim's body confirm the same. Some bones in the head region have also been found with cracks and injuries.
Out of the 16 stab wounds in the victim's body, maximum wounds are present from the shoulder to the hip region, the sources said.
Also, a number of bones in her body have been found in broken condition, showing the brutality of the killing. As per the doctors, this is the result of multiple brutal assaults on the victim's body by accused Sahil.
Meanwhile, the knife and shoes were recovered by the police from the crime spot, which has been sent to the forensic lab for scientific investigation.
The minor was allegedly killed after being stabbed multiple times and her head being crushed with a boulder by a 20-year-old man named Sahil in New Delhi's Shahbad Dairy area on May 28, the police said.
The accused was arrested by the Delhi Police near Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh on May 29.
Earlier on May 1, the police recovered the knife allegedly used by the accused to kill the minor in the Shahbad Dairy area, officials said.
A CCTV grab of the incident shows Sahil purportedly stabbing the girl multiple times with a knife. He continued to stab her even when she slumped to the ground. He kicked her and then took a concrete slab lying nearby and bludgeoned her head. All this while the footage showed people watching the events unfold and walking past without intervening. At one point a dog is seen approaching the spot.
As per the police, the accused was in a relationship with the minor, but they had a quarrel on May 28 night after which he killed her with multiple assaults.
The police said that it had registered FIR in the matter under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) at Shahbad Dairy Police Station. (ANI)

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