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'Several Eknath Shindes in TRS': Telangana BJP chief hits out at KCR

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP state president and MP from Karimnagar, Bandi Sanjay took a dig at Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao saying that his political days are numbered and 'there are several Eknath Shindes in TRS'.

Addressing a Press Conference Sanjay said, "How does CM KCR knows, what happens in the BJP National Executive Committee meeting. You are a state Chief Minister who is saying that the BJP doesn't have any strategy. If the BJP doesn't have any strategy then how can it be in power in 18 states. The language CM is using is very shameful.

Sanjay demanded an unconditional apology from KCR for insulting Jogulamba and hurting the Hindu sentiments. "Hindu gallu Bondu gallu" you said in Karimnagar and the people have buried you (TRS party) there. You (CM KCR) are commenting on Jogulamba Mata which is Shakti Peeth. Your days are numbered. And when days are numbered people speak like this. It will be a political end for you to speak against Jogulamba Mata. You should first apologise to the Hindus."

The BJP State chief said that there is a huge difference between PM Narendra Modi and CM KCR.
"Are you Desh ki Neta? And you comparing with PM Modi. PM Modi works 18 hours a day and you (KCR) don't even come out of your farmhouse. Everyone is laughing at you claiming yourself Desh Ki Neta."

Referring to KCR's statements on Maharasthra CM Eknath Shinde, Bandi said, "You are speaking about Eknath Shinde, first, take a look at your own party. I think there are many Eknath Shindes in TRS. That might also be the reason behind him (KCR) mentioning Eknath Shinde several times. He fears that leaders like Eknath Shinde are growing in his own party."

He said while the Karnataka CM goes to meet people during floods, KCR did not move out of his farmhouse. "Karnataka CM is visiting flood-affected areas. Did you even step out of your farmhouse?"

"Telangana's Inflation rate is 9.45 per cent and you should answer this. He praises China and Pakistan and questions surgical strike. Why are you not implementing Ayushman Bharath, Fasal Bheema and other schemes here in the state? You (CM KCR) didn't even come out once to speak to people during the pandemic. You should compare petrol and diesel prices with the other states, you have increased electricity prices by 100 per cent. You are not giving salaries to people from several departments. You are praising the emergency period you should have a brain at that time people who fought against the emergency period were put behind the bars. Anyone can become Eknath Shinde in his party, it might be his (CM KCR's) son KTR, daughter (K Kavitha), or nephew (Harish Rao)? (ANI)

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