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Senior govt official praises facilities of Safdarjung hospital

New Delhi: A senior central government official has praised the facilities of the Safdarjung Hospital located in the national capital and asserted that a similar level of services and satisfaction should be available across all the hospitals in the country. The official has written a letter to the Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan about his experience. "It is extremely appreciable to put on record that there was no crowd in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the hospital. I met Dr Shishir Chandan of the Neurology department and Dr KB Shankar of the Neurology department," the official said.
The official further appreciated the efforts of doctors and said that patients have been treated nicely even without references.
"I observed most of the patients are given a serial number and sitting comfortably on the bench in a good ambience and environment. They are in peace with the environment and patients were orderly waiting for their turn to come up. The supporting staff was very helpful and both the senior doctors, Dr Chandan and Dr Shankar of the surgery department patiently heard the problems of the patients and advised them accordingly as per the protocols and the line of treatment of the diagnosed disease," he said.
"I have seen a remarkable difference between the services that were provided about 2-3 years back and that of today," he said.
Notably, a few days ago Safdarjung hospital was under major criticism after a woman delivered a baby outside the hospital's emergency ward. The video also went viral about this incident. The hospital administration also issued the so-called notice and took action against the five doctors. The report about the incident is pending.
The official also mentioned in the letter some negative news reports carried by certain media organizations. He said, "I have seen some negative news in print and electronic media but that may be an aberration and because of some circumstantial conditions."
"However, it is extremely appreciable that the kind of services and arrangements extended by the hospital even under tremendous pressures," he added. (ANI)

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