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Self proclaimed PM, targets ‘bad system’

New Delhi: Amazing developments took place in Delhi on the occasion of Independence Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed the nation from Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi. Exactly in the style of the Prime Minister, he gave a speech to all the Indians and repeatedly took the name of India. He talked about Delhi and the people of Delhi in a nominal way, his entire focus was on the people of the country. It was as if he was giving a speech from the Red Fort and thus it seems that he used this speech as a means of fulfilling his national ambition. Kejriwal also mentioned this ambition in his speech. He said that the way he has fixed the system of Delhi, in the same way he will also fix the system of the country in five years. In this way he asked for the country for five years so that the system could be fixed. For this, he explained in detail the shortcomings of the existing system. He gave a speech like the main opposition leader of the country, and comparing it with countries like Japan, Germany etc. said that these countries were ruined in the second world war but today they are developed countries then why India could not become a developed country. He said that the people of India are the best people in the world, yet India is backward because the system here is bad.

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