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Security forces conduct mock drills at key locations in Delhi following recent hoax bomb threats at various schools in the state

New Delhi: After recent hoax bomb threats that targeted over 250 schools in the Delhi-NCR region, security forces have intensified their preparedness through a series of mock drills across various key locations in the city, including schools, airports, metro stations, and government buildings, said officials.
On Saturday, a mock drill took place at Delhi Public School in Delhi's RK Puram area. This drill, involving the Delhi Police and the National Security Guard (NSG), was designed to test the readiness and response capabilities of security forces in case of emergencies.
Both male and female officials from the police and NSG participated, with NSG vehicles and buses on site for the exercise.
In addition to schools, the security forces have expanded these mock drills to other critical locations.
On Friday, the NSG and Delhi Police conducted a similar exercise at the Parliament building, emphasizing the importance of security at high-profile government sites.
Furthermore, drills took place near Delhi's Jhandewalan Temple and at Hyderabad House, underlining the comprehensive approach taken by security agencies to ensure safety across multiple public and government facilities.
Hyderabad House is the State Guest House of the Prime Minister of India. It is used by the Government of India for banquets and as a venue for meetings with visiting foreign dignitaries.
Another drill was carried out at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, with DCP Usha Rangnani stating that "different agencies are coordinating and checking their drills" to ensure seamless response during emergencies.
The security forces also extended their mock drills to Delhi's public transportation system, with a significant exercise conducted at Rajiv Chowk metro station, one of the busiest transit points in the city.
Earlier on May 2, taking note of false news circulating in WhatsApp groups that bombs were detected in schools, Delhi Police urged people not to believe in rumours and stop spreading fake news.
"We have received some messages that many parents were having conversations regarding a suspicious object found inside schools over WhatsApp group. I want to say whenever you get such messages, you should first identify its source, and then forward it. This is the time of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep fake. Any fake news spreads like wildfire," Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa said.
"I want to appeal to people that we have to become responsible citizens and should not forward any unverified information on social media. I request everyone not to believe in rumours and stop spreading fake news. We will take strict action against those who spread fake news," she added.
Detailing the Delhi schools bomb threat case, Suman Nalwa said that more than 250 calls were received by the police on Wednesday.
However, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued an official statement saying that the email appeared to be a 'hoax'.
"There is no need to panic. The mail appears to be a hoax. Delhi Police and security agencies are taking necessary steps as per protocol," the official release from the MHA read.

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