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Samajwadi Party and truth are two banks of a river that can never meet: Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday took a dig at Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav alleging that Yadav misled people by presenting wrong facts in the assembly.
"Though the party and truth are the two banks of a river which can never meet, it is time Yadav learns to speak the truth in the house," Yogi said. Yadav on Tuesday questioned the health system of Uttar Pradesh inside the house on the second day of the Monsoon session.
"Despite being in government four times, the SP did not make any effort to improve the health facilities in the state. The SP Government did not even bother to offer condolences to hundreds of innocent children that died in Gorakhpur and adjoining districts every year due to encephalitis", CM Yogi said in a scathing attack on Akhilesh Yadav.

Yogi said that the SP leader should verify his facts before stating them in the assembly.
Yogi further said that "These so-called socialists kept putting obstacles in allotment of land for the establishment of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Gorakhpur while we got the land registered soon after taking over in 2017."
The CM added the community and primary health centres (CHCs and PHCs) were on the verge of closure in the state whereas the condition of district hospitals was pathetic. "During the rainy season, encephalitis used to wreak havoc in Gorakhpur. Every year 1200 to 2000 innocent children died due to encephalitis while around 500 deaths were reported from BRD Medical College alone", CM added.

"Most of these children belonged to scheduled castes, minority and backward class families, but the then governments did not make any arrangement for their proper treatment. The encephalitis vaccine arrived in Japan in 1905 itself, but it took 100 years for it to reach India," Yogi said, adding that the SP Chief should think about their tenure before raising questions about the government.
Referring to the National Family Health Survey 04 and 05, the Chief Minister said that in the last five and a half years, there has been great improvement in the health sector. "It is the result of the efforts to prevent anaemia that today the state's average is better than the national average in this regard. Maternal and infant mortality rates are continuously improving," Yogi said.
He further said that his Government was correcting the wrongs of previous governments and also added that so far this year only 40 cases of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome and 7 cases of Japanese Encephalitis have been reported in Gorakhpur and not a single child has died.
Taking a dig at Akhilesh Yadav, he said that the leader of the opposition was nowhere to be seen during the novel coronavirus pandemic while with the efforts of the Prime Minister, the country got two indigenous vaccines for Covid-19 within nine months of the outbreak of the deadly virus.

CM Yogi also condemned Yadav for his remarks on the vaccines, describing it as "an act to play with the lives of people".
Furthermore, the Chief Minister said that the opposition leader, when he got the chance to perform, did nothing. "However, he should be happy that today medical colleges are opening in every state district, weekly health fairs are being organised in villages and encephalitis is on its way out from the state. They may not cooperate, but at least they should not hinder the betterment of the state by making false and misleading statements", Yogi asserted.
The Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister had set a target of making the country a $5 trillion economy while Uttar Pradesh has also pledged itself to be a $1 trillion economy to contribute towards the realization of a $5 trillion economy for the nation. (ANI)

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