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Russia to deliver last two squadrons of S-400 air defence missiles by 2026

New Delhi: Amid delays due to its ongoing military conflict with Ukraine, Russia has informed India that it would be able to supply the remaining two squadrons of the S-400 long-range air defence missile system by August 2026.

Russia and India had signed a deal to buy five squadrons of the S-400 air defence system, of which three have already been supplied, while the remaining two could not be supplied on time due to developing situations in view of the Russia-Ukraine war, which is still ongoing.

"The Russian side has informed that they would now supply the two remaining squadrons of the highly capable air defence systems by August 2026, defence sources told ANI.

The air defence system is capable of hitting targets at 400 Kms and can be very effective against fighter jets, and cruise missiles.

The Russian side was expected to deliver all the systems by 2024 but had to change plans due to its own requirements in the ongoing conflict there.

India and Russia signed an over Rs 35,000 crore deal for five squadrons of S-400 air defence missiles, and all deliveries are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2023-24 but there may be a delay in this timeframe.

The Indian Air Force, which recently received the indigenous MR-SAM and Akash missile systems as well as the Israeli Spyder quick reactions surface-to-air missile systems, believes the S-400 will be the game changer for it.

The Indian Air Force has significantly improved its air defence capabilities in recent years.

The Indian Air Force has now started working on its own Project 'Kusha', which would allow it to have an indigenous system developed by DRDO to take down enemy platforms at long ranges.

Air defence systems have been deployed in a big way by the Chinese military across the Line of Actual Control while India has also deployed own systems in a big way there. 

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