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Rubika Liyaquat’s new inning as Bharat24 VP starts from New India’s New Kashmir

Srinagar: One of the most prestigious and senior journalists of the nation – Rubika Liyaquat – joined Bharat24 on Friday as the Vice President. Rubika’s journey started from the land of New India’s new Kashmir. Bharat24’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief Dr. Jagdeesh Chandra and Bharat24’s senior team members were present to welcome Liyaquat to the Bharat24 family.

Known for her firebrand journalism, Rubika has carved a niche for herself in the national media realm over the past 15 years. Working with all the mainstream national channels, Rubika has displayed immense proficiency and grasp of subjects and issues cornering the nation. Her command over Hindi, English and Urdu languages is well known. She is known for her focus on the newspoint, which makes her a ‘Maharathi’ of the media world.

Welcoming Rubika on Friday, Dr. Jagdeesh Chandra, CEO and Editorin-Chief, Bharat24-Vision of New India and First India, & CMD, First India News, extended warm wishes and said, “I welcome country’s top anchor and a fighter journalist Rubika Liyaquat to the Bharat24 family as the Vice President. We hope that she will play a role in taking our tagline - Vision of New India - which is also the Prime Minister’s concept of new India, to greater heights. Actually this is some sort of a relaunching of the channel from Srinagar with Rubika and my senior team members. As far as Srinagar is concerned, it is a picture of an empowered India. I love Srinagar. I love my country and with this new beginning, we are proud to have Rubika with us. Best of luck Rubika.”

Thanking Dr. Jagdeesh Chandra, Rubika said, “Everyone wanted to know why I have associated myself with Bharat24. I have joined Bharat24 because it has vision of new India and I have observed that vision in every eye. I have observed that vision in Jagdeesh Chandra ji’s stubbornness and it is this stubbornness that has brought me here and I am fully confident that this entire team will take Bharat24 to the sky with the image of ‘Buland Bharat’. When I asked Jagdeesh Chandra ji as to why were you taking us all to Srinagar, he said that Bharat24’s relaunching should happen from the crown of India. I am confident that Bharat24 will be seen in every household of the nation.”

On this occasion, Channel’s Chief Business Officer & Strategic advisor Manoj Jagyasi, Senior Editor Syed Umar, Political Editor Aditi Nagar, HR Head Anu Shridhar and Rubika’s father Dr Liyaquat Amar were also present.

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