Thursday, May, 30,2024

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Jaipur: Health Minister Parsadi Lal Meena said that two types of authorities have been constituted at the state level regarding the Right to Health Bill. The problems of common people will be resolved in the State Health Authority for Logistic Grievances. There will be a second authority ‘State Health Authority for Treatment Protocol’ for treatment and technical advice. The second authority shall consist of all specialist doctors except one member.

If a person does not get treatment or there is any other kind of complaint, the complaint will have to be made to the incharge of the same medical institution within 15 days. If the institution in-charge does not resolve the complaint in 3 days, then the complaint will be forwarded to the District Health Authority which he has to dispose of in 30 days.

If the complaint is not resolved here, the case will go to the State Health Authority for Logistic Grievances.
Rajasthan’s Right to Health Bill will become an example in the country. All types of OPD, IPD services in Government Institutions, advice, medicines, tests, emergency transport, procedures and services, emergency care facilities will be available completely free of cost. Road accident injured persons will get free transport and free treatment in all types of hospitals through insurance.

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