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Right to Health Bill passed amid Oppn ruckus, doctors’ protest

Jaipur: The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly passed the Right to Health Bill on Tuesday. With this, Rajasthan became the first state in the country where the Right to Health Bill has been passed. State Health Minister Parsadi Lal Meena said in the State Assembly on Tuesday that the State is becoming a model State in the field of health. “Seven per cent of the budget is being spent on the health sector in the state. The state government is committed to give the right to health to all the residents of the state,” the Medical Minister said while replying to the discussion on the “Rajasthan Right to Health Bill, 2022” reported by the Select Committee in the House. After this, the house passed the bill by voice vote. Meena said that ‘right to health’ is in the interest of the public. He said that the state government had sent this Bill to the select committee on the basis of the suggestion of all the members. “The suggestions of all the members and doctors have been included in the bill. Patients should not be denied treatment in hospitals, that is why the Right to Health Bill has been brought,” he added.

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