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Republic Day 2023: Ladakh's tableau depicts cultural and spiritual heritage, rural tourism

New Delhi: The colourful tableau of Ladakh at the 74th Republic Day parade on Thursday exhibited the essence of its harmonious relationship with nature.
The artful tableau on 'Kartavaya Path' with the theme of 'tourism and composite culture of Ladakh' gave a glimpse of the life and culture of its people. The front part depicted the Monastic Mask Dance (Chhams) followed by development in sectors like apricot farming, sea buckthorn growth, pashmina, and rural tourism within the overall context of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Ladakh.
The middle and ground part depicted people from different tribes of Ladakh like the Balti, Purgi, Ladakhi, Changpa, Sheena, Brokpa (Aryan) etc. rejoicing and celebrating Ladakh's composite culture.

The back part depicted the 7th-century Gandhara art-based rock-cut Buddha (Maitreya) statues of Mulbek and Karateka, Kargil, Ladakh. The three rock-cut Buddha Statues in Kargil are the only statues in the world, considered to be of the same genre as of the demolished Statues of Bamiyan.
This part also showcased Kartse-Khar Shrine, a prominent religious site situated near Sankoo, Kargil dedicated to Sayed Mir Hashim, a popular Muslim saint and scholar believed to have come from Kashmir to teach Islam to Thi-Namgyal, a Buddhist ruler who converted to Islam in the 16'h century.
The mesmerizing cavalcades treaded the thoroughfare of the Kartavya Path. The site of the horses clip-clopping, energetic marching by young uniformed men and women, thunderous stamping on the asphalt, the rhythmic beating of the drums, martial tunes by the military bands, the mighty tanks, decorative tableau- all reflected a strong and democratic India. (ANI)

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