"Remembering my younger brother Manish Sisodia", says Delhi CM Kejriwal while addressing budget session

New Delhi: Amid discussions on the Delhi budget, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressing the assembly members took a moment to recognize the absence of his colleague, former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who has presented the previous nine budgets of the government.

Expressing his hopes for the future, Kejriwal indicated his anticipation for Sisodia's presentation of the eleventh budget next year.

CM Kejriwal said, "Today when we are having a discussion on the budget, I am remembering my younger brother Manish Sisodia. This is the 10th budget of our government. The last 9 budgets were presented by Manish Sisodia and I hope that he will present the 11th budget of our government in this Assembly next year."

Speaking on the budget presentation, Chief Minister Kejriwal commended Delhi Education Minister Atishi, who presented the budget as the acting Finance Minister in Sisodia's absence.

Kejriwal lauded the budget's comprehensive nature, stating that it addresses the diverse needs of all sections of society and sectors. He emphasized that the budget prioritizes crucial areas such as education, health, electricity, water, roads, and drainage systems, ensuring that everyone's requirements are met.

CM Kejriwal said, “In his (Manish Sisodia) absence, as acting Finance Minister, Atishi has presented the budget in parliament, and I congratulate her that this budget is very good and it takes into account the needs of all sections of society and all sectors. Whether it is education, health, electricity, water, roads, drainage, everyone's needs have been taken care of in this budget. Whether they are rich or poor, of this caste or that caste, youth or elderly, everyone has been considered in this budget”.

Kejriwal highlighted the inclusivity of the budget, noting that it caters to individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds, irrespective of caste, age, or economic status.

In February 2023, Sisodia was arrested by the CBI for alleged irregularities in the framing and implementation of now-scrapped Delhi's new excise policy. The policy was withdrawn amid allegations of foul play by the opposition. Sisodia is currently in judicial custody.

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