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"Relegate Congress to history:" UP CM Yogi urges Rajasthan voters at public meet in Rajsamand

Rajsamand: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BJP's star campaigner, Yogi Adityanath, urged voters in Rajasthan on Saturday to relegate the Congress party to history.
"Bring the party to a state where people reminisce, 'Once upon a time, there was Congress,'" the UP Chief Minister said while addressing a huge public meeting in support of BJP candidate from Rajsamand Lok Sabha seat, Mahima Kumari Mewar.
CM Yogi further said, "Don't tarnish your history by voting for the Congress Party. Congress worked to glorify Akbar instead of Maharana Pratap, who remained steadfast in adverse situations, fighting to defend the country and dharma. He forced even the powerful Akbar to retreat. This land has never compromised with homeland, religion, or self-respect."
The Chief Minister said, "I am a follower of truth, and on the land of Rajasthan, the voice of truth gets strengthened. That's why I receive the most love here."
He also mentioned that his ancestors hailed from Rajasthan and that his grandfather had awakened the flame of nationalism by coming to Gorakhpur from the land of Mewar.
CM Yogi said that Rajasthan is the land of brave warriors, where one witnesses wonderful harmony of devotion and strength.
"The country feels proud of the bravery of Bappa Rawal and Maharana Pratap's devotion to their homeland and self-respect. One can never forget the sacrifice of Rani Padmini. The devotion of Meera Bai ignites a new spark of patriotism in all our hearts. This land of Mirabai is deeply connected with Vrindavan, the land of Lord Krishna, strengthening the bond between Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh," he stated.
CM Yogi mentioned that people from Congress never hesitate to attack India's Sanatan faith.
"They used to say that Lord Ram never existed. We should not tarnish our history by voting for Congress. No self-respecting community can do this," he asserted.
He also mentioned the valour of the Bhil and Meena communities of Rajasthan, along with Maharana Pratap.
"The country is standing at such a turning point in its destiny, where on one hand, people's blessings are being sought to realise the resolve of a developed India under the leadership of PM Modi, and on the other, there are those who wish to see India deteriorate," Yogi added.
He said that India's respect in the world has increased remarkably in the last 10 years. "No heretic can encroach on the border of India.
"The problem of terrorism and naxalism has been solved. Even when a firecracker explodes, Pakistan is ready with its clarification. They know that if any terrorist incident happens in India, they will have to bear the consequences," he further pointed out.
The Chief Minister, while enumerating the development works done in the country, said that under the Modi government, 80 crore people are being provided with free rations, while in Pakistan, 23 crore people are struggling for a single meal.
"Explosions are happening in mosques there, and people are living in fear. In Pakistan, people are leading a miserable life, whereas in India, money is being directly transferred to the accounts of the poor with just a click from Delhi and Jaipur, Yogi added.
He also enumerated the achievements of various welfare schemes including Ayushman Bharat Yojana, free electricity connection, Ujjwala Yojana, and women's self-employment. He mentioned that in the next five years, three crore new houses will be made available to the poor.
Attacking the opposition, the UP Chief Minister said that Congress people used to feed biryani to terrorists while the poor died of hunger, farmers committed suicide, youth migrated, and daughters and businessmen were not safe.
He mentioned that elections have been held in 102 Lok Sabha seats in the first phase across the country and there is a single voice coming from the entire nation, which is that 'Jo Ram ko laaye hai, hum unko layenge'.
He further mentioned that on Ram Navami, Lord Ram's tilak was done by the sun's rays in Ayodhya, which filled the whole country with joy. He appealed to the people to ensure a huge victory for the BJP candidate with the lotus symbol in the elections on April 26.
Many dignitaries, including Manju Baghmar, Vishwaraj Mewar, Harish Singh Rawat, Surendra Singh Rathore, Deepti Mahi, Avinash Gehlot, Shankar Singh Rawat, Pushp ji Jain, and Naresh Kannaujiya, were present at the occasion.
The remaining 13 seats in Rajasthan will be contested in the second phase on April 26.
The remaining phases will be held on May 7, May 13, May 20, May 25 and June 1 accordingly.
The last general elections in 2019 were also held in seven phases.
In 2019, BJP registered a sweeping victory, winning 24 out of 25 seats, while the remaining one seat was won by Rashtriya Loktrantrik Party Candidate Hanuman Beniwal.

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