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Ready to tackle any eventuality along China border: IAF's first woman Su-30 weapon system operator

Tezpur: Amid the ongoing military deployment along the China front, Indian Air Force's only female Weapon System Operator in the deadly Sukhoi-30 fighter fleet on Tuesday said pilots in the eastern sector were ready to respond to any eventuality in the area and prove their mettle in real operations.
During a visit to the Tezpur forward air base close to the China border in the eastern sector, team ANI witnessed the fighter aircraft operations of the Su-30 fighter aircraft which has been made more lethal with the induction of new weapons and electronic warfare systems. "Being part of any actual operation is what every fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force trains for because that is where we would get to show our mettle. Our pilots from various bases in the eastern sector are ready to respond in case of any eventuality. We are always ready for any kind of tasks and challenges that may come upon us," Flight Lieutenant Tejaswi told ANI during an interaction at the forward base.
The WSOs or wizzos are specialist officers required to fly in the rear cockpit of multirole Su-30 fighter aircraft and handle the sensors and weapons to be fired by the aircraft at enemy targets.
Speaking exclusively to ANI on being asked about how she felt being part of operations during the ongoing standoff with China at the borders, she said, "What runs through, our minds is not very different during demanding times because such operations are an execution of what we practice on a daily basis."
Asked about the experience of fighter pilots during the multiple joint Army-Air Force joint operations during the recent wargames, another Su-30 fighter pilot Flight Lieutenant Sakshya Bajpai said the experience of flying during these wargames was always very thrilling as it helps pilots to prepare better for carrying out actual operations.
"The training missions help us to get oriented and help us to get ready for any contingency and live up to our motto 'Touch the Sky with Glory'.
On the speciality of flying fighter jets in the hilly densely forested terrain in the country's eastern parts, Bajpai said it was a challenge due to the unpredictable nature of weather and terrain here.
"Extensive training and practice in this region help us to prepare for any challenge that may come our way," he said.
In the last two years, India has been engaged in a military stand-off with China along the northern borders in Ladakh due to which forces are at a heightened alert all along the Line of Actual Control.
The Indian Air Force has been flying extensively in the sector to keep the adversary in check and the mainstay of the force in the region has been the Su-30 MKI fighter along with the one squadron of the Rafale jets in Hashimara, West Bengal.
The Su-30s have replaced the MiG-21s and the other variety of aircraft that were operating in the northeast and fly extensively near the LAC from their bases in the northeast. (ANI)

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