Friday, June, 02,2023

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Raut has broken an undeclared rule

Mumbai: Shiv Sena MP and party’s national spokesperson Sanjay Raut has broken an undeclared rule. From Delhi to the capitals of the states, all the parties know which leaders in the opposing parties will become powerful when the said party comes to power.

Everyone knows about the people who do the work of getting people’s work done, recovering money, arranging money from behind the scenes.

In the same way, everyone has information about the hobbies and pastimes of the leaders. But no one speaks about it publicly. Sanjay Raut has broken this undeclared rule.

He has named half a dozen private people away from party politics and said that they extort money and engage in money laundering.

He did not go further than this but said that he was also aware of everyone’s plans. Just imagine, if it is disclosed then how many people will be stripped bare?

However, there is no need to go into the debate on whether Sanjay Raut has actually done any thing wrong or not, as everyone knows that neither he will be investigated nor any truth is to come out.

But he has taken the name of S Narwar of Haryana and said that how a milkman became the owner of seven thousand crore rupees in five years?

He took the name of Jitendra Navlani and said that four people together with him have recovered hundreds of crores from the builders of Mumbai.

Raut also named Amol Kale, Vijay Dhamgale and Ladani and accused them of being involved in alleged corruption during the BJP govt.

They took many other names but they are leaders of BJP or well known magnates. But it happened for the first time that the names of the people working behind the scenes were disclosed in this way by a leader

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