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Ramayana-inspired trees to grace Ayodhya

Ayodhya: After the construction of the grand temple and the development of Ayodhya city, now this city of Ram will be decorated with trees and plants mentioned in the Ramayana period.

The species has been decided only after special research regarding what kind of trees and plants will be planted. More than 80 tree species and more than 35 bush and flower species have been selected to decorate the temple complex. Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Pran Pratishtha Ceremony Committee said that greenery at any site of historical importance only enhances its beauty.

Besides, there is peace in the environment. The grand Ram Temple complex, adorned with greenery made up of special species of trees and plants, will remain a permanent symbol of India’s cultural richness, spirituality and architectural talent.

Indigenous species
Most of the species of trees and plants being planted are indigenous. Along with this, plants mentioned in ancient times and found today are being specially planted on the banks of Saryu rivers. While selecting vegetation, care is being taken to ensure that only those plants are planted which are in accordance with the environment of that area. Saplings of flowers of the same color which are found in this area have also been planted. This will maintain the importance of this place in terms of vegetation as well as beauty. The work of developing greenery is being done by GMR Vara-Lakshmi Foundation, the CSR arm of GMR Group.

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