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"Rajnaitik garmi badi tezi se badh rahi hai...": PM Modi after Assembly election results

New Delhi: Amid ruckus the Lok Sabha was adjourned till 12 noon on Monday shortly after the Winter Session of Parliament commenced with BJP MPs raising slogan of "Teesri Baar Modi Sarkar" and "Baar Baar Modi Sarkar" in the presence of PM Narendra Modi.
Ahead of the start of proceedings of the day, keeping with tradition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing reporters outside Parliament said that political temperatures in the country are soaring even though the winter is approaching slowly.
PM Modi said that the results of the assembly polls declared on Sunday are "very encouraging" for those who are committed to the welfare of the common people of the country.
"The winter is delayed and approaching slowly, but political temperatures are soaring (rajnaitik garmi badi tezi se badh rahi hai). Yesterday, the results of the four-state elections came out. The results are very encouraging--encouraging for those who are committed to the welfare of the common people of the country and to the bright future of the country..." the PM said.
Speaking about the results of the assembly polls, especially the BJP's performance in the Hindi hearland, the PM said that the results show that people "have rejected negativity."
He also urged the opposition not to protest "for the sake of it."
"I have been urging for your (opposition) cooperation in the House. Today, I also speak politically; it is beneficial for you too if you give a message of positivity to the country. It is not right for democracy if your image becomes one of hatred and negativity. Opposition is equally important for democracy; it should be equally capable," the PM said.
The Prime Minister said that Winter Session of Parliament is a "golden opportunity for opposition parties to do something constructive" and asked them not to vent anger at their defeat in assembly polls inside the House.
"The country has rejected negativity. This is a golden opportunity for my friends in the opposition. We urge and pray for the cooperation of everyone. This time too, the process has been undertaken...Rather than venting out their anger at defeat (in assembly elections), they should take lessons from this defeat, shun the idea of negativity that has been there since last nine years and approach the session with positivity," PM Modi said.
He also said that the Parliament, which is the temple of democracy, is essential for public aspiration and to strengthen the foundation of developed India.
Terming the results of assembly polls "encouraging" for those committed to people's welfare and the country's bright future, he said, "When there is good governance, when there is devotion to public welfare, the word "anti-incumbency" becomes irrelevant. You can call it "pro-incumbency," "good governance," "transparency," or "concrete plans for public welfare," but this has been an experience. After such an excellent public mandate, we are meeting at this new temple of Parliament."
A BJP tsunami swept the Hindi heartland on the counting day for four states that polled for their assemblies last month, with the party getting stunning mandates in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. It stumped not just their rivals but also some pollsters who had predicted tight races in these states.
The election results in four states, especially the losses in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, came as a huge blow to the Congress's hopes for 2024 as it is now out of power across a vast swathe of the Hindi heartland.
In Rajasthan, the vote count painted a starkly different picture to what some of the pollsters had predicted, with the BJP poised to form the government, winning 115 seats, and the Congress trailing at 69 seats.
Of the 90 assembly constituencies in Chhattisgarh, the BJP bagged 54 while the Congress won 35.

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