Sunday, November, 27,2022

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Rajasthan political crisis to impact wave of investment

Jaipur: The effect of the political crisis in the Rajasthan Congress might affect the Investment Summit 2022 to be held in Jaipur on October 7 and 8. If the summit gets cancelled, investments worth Rs ten thousand crores can get cancelled. Besides, the risk of losing 26,000 jobs will also increase. The Rajasthan government should set up more industries in the state, make investment in external entrepreneurial Rajasthan so that unemployment is reduced in the state and industrial areas are developed. For this, the Ministry of Industry interacted with the industrialists of other states and abroad. If the summit happens, about ten thousand crore would be invested in the state and close to nine lakh people would get employment. Industries Department, Rajasthan had signed 4192 MoULoIs with different companies for the summit.

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