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Raichur death: Karnataka CM orders compensation to victim's family

Raichur: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday ordered officials to provide compensation to the family of the boy who died after allegedly consuming contaminated water in Raichur, according to the State government release.
The incident took place in Rekalmaradi village in Raichur. More than 30 people, including women and children, fell ill after consuming the contaminated water. The incident came to light on Friday. Samples of drinking water were collected from the village and sent to the laboratory for test.
Following the incident, the State government on Saturday suspended the panchayat development officer (PDO) in Rekalmaradi village.
The officials informed that the Raichur Zilla Panchayat CEO Shasidhara Kurera suspended PDO Renuka for dereliction of duty.
Officials said that a team of doctors have also been deployed in Rekalmaradi village and necessary medical equipment with medicines have been provided and temporary alternative drinking water arrangements were made for the people.
Further, people were advised to visit a doctor immediately if they experience symptoms of vomiting and nausea and were directed to drink only hot or boiled water.
"The sick have been shifted to Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) and hospitals in Arakera and Devadurga," officials said.
Meanwhile, CM Siddaramaiah instructed the officials to arrange proper treatment facilities for those who were sick after drinking contaminated water in the Gorebal and Rekalmaradi villages of the Raichur district.
After getting the information about the incident, the Chief Minister spoke to the CEO of the District Panchayat over the phone and directed him to take immediate action to supply clean water.
Taking serious note of the reports of people getting sick after drinking contaminated water in the villages of Raichur district, the Chief Minister asked to investigate the incident and submit a report.
He instructed the officials to visit the place immediately and conduct a comprehensive inspection. He also asked to send the water samples to the lab and get a report immediately.
"Based on the report, a thorough health checkup of the villagers should be conducted and necessary treatment should be taken and clean drinking water should be provided, and poisonous water sources should be closed," added the CM.
He further also instructed that appropriate measures should be taken adequately to ensure that the incident does not recur. (ANI)

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