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"Rahul Gandhi's questions were uncomfortable. PM does not have any answer": Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

New Delhi: Amid the ongoing Adani row, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Thursday alleged that the Prime Minister did not have "any answer at his disposal to refute every charge by Rahul Gandhi."
While talking to ANI, Chowdhury said, "The PM never faces the media because he doesn't want to listen to uncomfortable questions. Rahul Gandhi's questions were uncomfortable. PM does not have any answer at his disposal to refute every charge by Rahul Gandhi." The Congress leader stressed the need for the citizens of the country to know about the Adani issue.
"People of the country want to know what is the real phenomenon which has been a matter of great concern because when we talk about a globalised world then we cannot shun the responsibility of the irregularities of financial transactions of a chronic capitalist of the country," he said.

"The allegation was not raised by the Congress party but by an internationally renowned organisation Hindenburg research paper. According to their reports, there has been fraud and there have been great financial irregularities," Chaudhary added.
Chowdhury further claimed that PM Modi sidelined the major issues and only highlighted his achievements while replying to the Motion of Thanks to the President's address in Parliament.
"Congress being a responsible party cannot remain mute. That is why our leader Rahul Gandhi ji has simply asked a few questions to our Prime Minister. But we all got disappointed by the statement made by the Prime Minister. He knows the art of deviating the attention of the common people. He knows how to beat the drums of his achievement," he said.
"BJP took evading tactics in order to save their face from being disgraced," Chowdhary added.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was protecting industrialist Gautam Adani, adding that he wasn't satisfied with the former's reply to the Motion of Thanks in Parliament.
Speaking to reporters after PM Modi concluded his address at the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Rahul said, "I am not satisfied with the PM's speech. However, it has revealed the truth. His speech had nothing about an inquiry (into the Adani Group in the wake of the Hindenburg report). It's clear that the PM is protecting him (Gautam Adani)."
The Wayanad MP alleged that PM Modi did not answer any of the questions raised by him.
"The PM, in his speech' did not answer any (of his) questions. He was shell-shocked. I did not raise any difficult questions. They were simple questions that he dodged," Rahul said. (ANI)

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