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Punjab: BSF recovers 7.5 kg heroin, arms, ammunition from Pakistan drone

Fazilka: The Border Security Force (BSF) once again foiled a nefarious attempt by anti-national elements to smuggle contraband on Saturday early morning with the recovery of suspected heroin, arms and ammunition that were being smuggled by a drone entering from the Pakistani side in the area near Churiwala Chusti village in Fazilka district of Punjab.
According to the BSF, they recovered three 3 packets, containing 7.5 kgs of suspected heroin, a pistol, two magazines and 50 rounds of 9 mm ammunition. The BSF troops deployed at the border heard the buzzing sound of suspected flying object or drone entering from Pakistan into Indian territory in the area near Churiwala Chusti village.
As per the set drill, the troops tried to intercept the suspected flying object by firing. The whole area was cordoned off and Police and concerned sister agencies were informed.
Further, BSF troops chased the sound of the drone and reached an agricultural field near the village, where BSF troops again fired in the direction of the drone.
Meanwhile, the security forces observed the movement of three-four suspected persons in the nearby area near Churiwala Chusti. Troops challenged them and fired towards the direction of the suspected movement of miscreants. However, they managed to flee from the spot.
"On 03/12/2022 at 00:05 am, alert BSF troops of BSF Punjab Frontier heard/chased sound of drone and reached upto Village-Churiwala Chusti, Distt- Fazilka. BSF troops noticed 4 ANEs who were challenged/fired upon, but they managed to flee away. Drone also took height and returned to Pakistan side," said BSF Punjab Frontier in a tweet.

Further, during the initial search, the BSF party recovered 3 big packets wrapped with yellow adhesive tape. On opening these three packets, contraband items were recovered.
"During search of the area, 3 packets were recovered. On opening 3 packets, BSF recovered 9 packets heroin (Gross wt- 7.5 kgs), 01 Pistol, 2 Magazines and 50 rounds of 9 mm. Vigilant Seema Praharis once again foiled the nefarious attempt of Anti-national elements," it added.
Punjab Police, in a joint operation with the BSF downed three trans-border rogue drones over the last one week and recovered 12 kgs of heroin.
The DGP further informed that the Tarn Taran Police, during its joint search operation with the BSF, recovered a Hexacopter drone that contained 5 kgs of heroin.
"Tarn Taran Police, working jointly with @BSF_India has downed three trans-border rogue drones in the last one week and recovered 12 kgs #Heroin Major blow to trans-border smuggling networks operating in the international border," Director General of Police, Punjab, Gaurav Yadav tweeted on Friday.
BSF Director General Pankaj Singh had previously told ANI that the force, so far this year, had shot down 16 drones, adding that the force has adopted an anti-drone system and in-depth patrolling to take down unmanned aerial vehicles, which pose a security risk.
"While rogue drones have emerged as a new security challenge for the BSF, we haven't yet achieved success with any one mechanism to counter them. Hence, we have adopted three to four ways of dealing with this threat and they have been giving very good results," the BSF D-G had said.
"We have also given very good incentives to our jawans who shoot down these drones. Due to these efforts, we have shot down 16 drones this year till November, which is significantly more than just one drone shot down last year. The number of drones shot down is likely to increase to 25 by the end of this year," he had said. (ANI)

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