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Punjab: 100 Pak drones shot down this year, says BSF

Punjab: The Border Security Force (BSF) informed on Tuesday that its personnel have either successfully shot down or recovered 100 Pakistani drones, through which attempts were made to smuggle narcotics, arms and ammunition into Indian territory, to date.
The BSF said it has devised a 'three-pronged strategy' in a bid to curtail the movement of drugs and other narcotic substances into Indian territory on the sly.
The forces added that they successfully apprehended smugglers, who were 'facilitating' the smuggling of narcotics through drones.
In a series of posts on X, the BSF Punjab Frontier stated, "Till now, in 2023, BSF Punjab has successfully shot down or recovered 100 Pakistani drones being used by anti-national elements to smuggle narcotics, arms, and ammunition into Indian territory.".
"Apart from recovering drones, narcotics, and arms, BSF has also successfully apprehended smugglers who were facilitating smuggling through drones," the BSF added in its post.
"BSF has implemented a three-pronged strategy, with the objectives of curtailing the drug supply, fostering awareness against drug abuse, and empowering the youth with skills to channelize their energy, thereby facilitating meaningful employment opportunities," it added.
Meanwhile, the BSF, on Monday, foiled a smuggling attempt through a drone in Amritsar and seized 434 gms of heroin wrapped with adhesive tape, the force informed.
According to officials, BSF troopers launched a search operation after a Pakistani drone violated Indian airspace.
In the ensuing search operation, the BSF troops seized 434 gms of heroin wrapped with adhesive tape from Ranian village of Amritsar.
"On 25 December 2023, during morning hrs, on specific information of BSF regarding smuggling through drone on the outskirts of Vill - Ranian & Rear Kakkar, District - Amritsar, an Operation was planned," BSF stated in a post.
The troops swiftly responded to the drone intrusion, which dropped the contraband before returning back to Pakistan.
"BSF party at about 0642 hrs, heard a buzzing sound of a suspected flying object and dropping sound of something, resultantly the BSF party recovered 01 Pkt (Gross wt - 434 Gms) suspected to be Heroin, wrapped with transparent adhesive tape and a ring attached to it for hanging with the drone," it added.
Another attempt of smugglers to push narcotics into Indian territory via drone was also foiled by vigilant BSF personnel, it added.

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