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Proper arrangements will be made for shelter, maintenance of stray cattle: UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday gave necessary guidelines while reviewing the management of stray and destitute cattle shelters and the current status of milk production/collection in the state in a high-level meeting.
As per an official statement, the state government is making continuous efforts for animal welfare and protection. Many schemes are being run by the government for the encouragement of all cattle rearers. It should be ensured that the eligible people get the benefits. "Respecting public sentiments, necessary arrangements have been made by the state government for the protection of the destitute/stray cattle and for their fodder straw. At present, more than 11.33 lakh cattle are protected in 6719 destitute cattle protection sites. Under the special campaign conducted from January 20 to March 31, 1.23 lakh cattle were protected. It should be ensured that stray cattle are taken care of in all the rural and urban areas of the state," it read.

CM Yogi said that most of the cattle have been protected in Sambhal, Mathura, Mirzapur, Shahjahanpur, Santakbirnagar, Amroha, Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad and Farrukhabad districts. Ongoing planned efforts for cow protection are yielding good results. Similarly, better management of destitute cattle should be done in all the districts in a phased manner.
"The funds made available to all destitute cattle sites for fodder husk and other necessary works should be made available directly to the cow-shelter sites. DBT must be utilised. While verifying the cattle from the 25th to the 30th of every month, the report will be sent to the district administration by the Animal Husbandry Officer and ADO Panchayat/BDO at the development block level. After this, the report will be sent to the government by the Chief Animal Husbandry Officer and Chief Development Officer by the 5th of the next month."
He said that it should be ensured that the amount which is meant for the cattle, is put to good use. Not only dry straw but green fodder should also be given to the cattle. Take the cooperation of the local people. The purchase of bran/husk should be paid as soon as the money is received.
"Large conservation centres are being set up in the state for the protection of cattle. So far, 274 large cow protection centres have become functional. In the next six months, the remaining 75 large cattle breeding sites should be prepared. This will provide great convenience to the common man," said Yogi.

He said that Caretakers should be posted at the cow protection sites. Cows should also be taken for a walk from time to time. In case of illness/death of cattle, the caretaker will ensure all necessary arrangements.
"The Mukhyamantri Sahabhagita Yojana, run to protect cows, has yielded promising results. So far, more than 1.77 lakh cattle have been handed over to the common people under this scheme. And for the availability of milk to families with malnourished children, 3,598 cows have been given under the Nutrition Mission. An amount of Rs 900 per month should be made available every month to all the families serving the cattle. There should be no delay in this. Funds should be sent directly to the family through DBT. Sub-Divisional Officer should be nominated at the local level for cattle verification," he said.
"In 50 per cent of the total wood used at the funeral site/cremation ground, upla / goitha (cow dung cakes) should also be utilised. The cow dung cakes will be made available from the destitute cow shelters and the income generated will be used in the management of that cow shelter," said Yogi.
Availability of 'Cattle Catcher' vehicles should be ensured at all 17 Municipal Corporations and District Headquarters Municipalities.
The state government is determined to provide quality milk and milk products to the general public at a reasonable price while ensuring remunerative prices for the milk producers associated with the state's cooperative milk societies.
"Due to continuous coordinated efforts, milk committees in the state have done unprecedented work in milk production, collection, sale etc. This has increased the income of our livestock farmers. Organizations like Balinee Milk Producers have done exemplary work. Further expansion should be given to the formation of milk committees in all the districts. The role of women can be important in this," he said.

The state government has decided to set up new dairy plants in Kanpur, Moradabad, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh and Prayagraj districts with the help of the private sector. Necessary action should be taken in this regard as per the decision of the Council of Ministers.
"The E-commerce portal paragdairy.com is proving useful for the online sale of milk and milk products. Online milk and milk products are being sold through Parag Mitra in urban areas of the state and women's self-help groups in rural areas. So far 71,068 consumers, 89 women self-help groups and 215 Parag Mitras have been added through the e-commerce portal. Trade of about Rs 6 crore has been done through the e-commerce portal. Necessary efforts should be made to make it stronger," he said.
As per an official release, Uttar Pradesh is the leading state in milk production. The Nand Baba Milk Mission scheme has been implemented to provide milk producers with the facility of selling their milk at a reasonable price in the villages by forming milk co-operative societies in the villages. It has got good results. More and more milk producers should be given its benefits.
There is a need to increase the programs for cattle breed improvement. Large cow-shelter sites established on the development block can be useful for this work.
"Wide publicity should be given to the toll-free helpline number for emergency assistance to cattle rearers. Any animal husbandry can get a consultation from the doctor here anytime. Farmers in rural areas should be given maximum information about this service so that people can take advantage of this service," he said.
CM Yogi said that the subjects related to animal husbandry, milk production, sale, breed improvement etc. should be reviewed weekly by the concerned departmental minister. Set goals, and work towards achieving them. (ANI)

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