Tuesday, September, 26,2023

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PRN: JDA cancels land for pump house

Jaipur: The Bisalpur project in Prithvi Raj Nagar has suffered a setback as the JDA has cancelled the land allotment to the PHED who was constructing Concrete Water Recycling (CWR) and a pump house on the private land. The PHED has appealed against JDA’s decision in the High Court.

The land was allotted by JDA to a private person but the allotment was canceled after the decision in the JDA tribunal. The tribunal decided in favour of the private account holder. After the decision, now the work of CWR and Pump House has been stopped.

CWR was constructed 70% and pump house 40%. The plan of water supply has been stalled in many colonies of Prithviraj Nagar due to stoppage of work.

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