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Priyanka Gandhi extends complete support to women candidates in upcoming assembly polls

New Delhi [India]: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday extended complete support to women candidates fielded by the party to contest the upcoming Assembly elections.

During a live interaction on social media, Gandhi talked about Asha Singh, the mother of the Unnao rape victim, and said that the women candidates in Congress are those who have suffered and struggled in their lives.

"The opposition may think that our candidates are weak. But we have given them tickets so that those who are suffering and struggling in their lives can be strengthened," she said.

Brushing the row which erupted over Congress' decision of giving ticket to Actor-Model Archana Gautam for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Gandhi said that remarks are being made against her to "make her look like a weak candidate", just because she is a woman.

During her live interaction for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, replying to a question on why Congress has given a ticket to Archana Gautam, said, "She has struggled a lot in her life.

Why is no one asking such questions from Narendra Modi Ji? That what kind of clothes he wear, who he wants to marry? Why such questions are only being posed upon women? This is wrong."

"When that woman is saying that she wants to serve the people, she wants to raise real issues, why are you asking such questions to her? Only because you want to make her feel weak.

That too only because she is a woman," the Congress leader said while lashing out at the BJP for their remarks on Gautam.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that one of the toughest challenges before the Congress is to recourse the purpose of politics on focussing on positive campaigns and to end the "politics of division".

"The politics of development is important which needs to be done by ending the politics of division," she said.

As Election Commission extended the ban on physical rallies and roadshows in the five poll-bound states till January 22 amid the rise in coronavirus cases, all political parties are actively campaigning virtually.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, too, is actively working on her virtual campaign for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections.
Congress party has also started fielding their senior leaders for door to door campaigns. (ANI)

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