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Polity enthused over Bharat24’s ‘reporter in every Assembly’ strategy!

Bhopal: Standing by its motto of “Jahah Tak Bharat, Waha Tak Bharat24”, the second correspondents’ conclave of Bharat24 was held in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. Prior to this, the first such meet was organised in Raipur in Chhattisgarh. Addressing the gathering during the meet, Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam said, “Despite being a national Hindi news channel, I appreciate the effort of “Bharat 24” to put its correspondent till every Assembly constituency and carry the news of people sitting till the last ends of the States on the channel.” Meanwhile Bharat24’s CEO and Editor-In-Chief Dr Jagdeesh Chandra said, “We want to make Bharat24 the channel of the country and not just of one region.”

The programme began with the lighting of the lamp by Home Minister Narottam Mishra, Bharat24 CEO and Editor-in-Chief Dr Jagdeesh Chandra, Managing Editor Ajay Kumar. Madhya Pradesh in-charge Akhilesh Solanki, Jinendra Singh Shekhawat, Sandeep Mishra, Vishal Mathur, Dilip Solanki and others. Dr Jagdeesh Chandra said in his welcome address that this channel is as national as it is regional. Chandra assured everyone that the channel will take the public utility and welfare schemes of the state government to the common people. Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam said that in the current lack of credibility of news, he expected credibility from the channel. “Channels should show such news which has a positive impact on the society. Because of one or two bad people in politics, politics is said to be bad, while the media should show the positive side of politics as well,” he said.

Home Minister Narottam Mishra said that Dr Jagdeesh Chandra worked with the party and also with the Opposition, but in a fair manner. Mishra said that changing the place changes the way of seeing but Jagdeesh Chandra has always been fair. Meanwhile, Health Minister Prabhu Ram Choudhary expressed hope that the channel would act as a bridge between the state and the people. Water Resources Minister Tulsi Salawat said that the people and government of Madhya Pradesh are with Bharat24 in the positivity expressed by the channel. Moreover, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that at present, the channel should show such news that mutual harmony increases in the society and that Bharat24 becomes another name of trust for people. Madhya Pradesh BJP State President VD Sharma said that when voice will be raised from every Vidhan Sabha of the country, then in the coming time, Bharat24 will become the voice of these constituencies and will bring a revolution in the world of news. Sharma expressed hope that the channel will engage in value based journalism. Meanwhile, Managing Editor of Bharat24 Ajay Kumar said that every person associated with the news is a correspondent, be it in any position. Ajay Kumar said that the correspondent of Bharat24 is the voice of the people and we want to be a bridge the gap between the people and the governments.

In a workshop held earlier, control room head Sandeep Mishra made all the correspondents familiar with the process of delivering news to the channel. In the workshop, Digital Head Shishir Awasthi introduced the social media platform of Bharat24 and called upon everyone to make the channel’s social media a leader in the social handles of leading channels of the country in the coming one month. Mahesh Sharma and Editor of First India Jinendra Singh Shekhawat also addressed the workshop. The reporters present also assured that there will be no shortage of news of Madhya Pradesh in the channel and in the coming few months Bharat24 will be among the leading channels of the country. At the end of the program Akhilesh Solanki proposed the vote of thanks. Dignitaries of Bhopal also participated in the program and appreciated the state-make-thenation concept of “Bharat24 and expressed hope that in the coming days, the channel will act as a bridge between the people and the state governments.

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