Wednesday, September, 22,2021

Police recover clothes from site of 4 murders in Bahraich

Bahraich: The entire district of Bahraich has been shocked by the 4 heinous murders that have taken place within 2 days of time in the assembly constituency of Mukut Bihari Verma, the cabinet (cooperative) minister of the UP government.

The double murder has become a challenge for the police and has a lot of questions being raised on the law-and-order situation in Bahraich. 

On Saturday, bodies of a 10-year-old girl and an 8-year-old child with their throat slit were found in a sugarcane field in Gajadharpur, Thana Fakharpur. The very next day on Sunday, in a sugarcane field in Madhavpur, body of 35-year-old woman and a 6-year-old girl in severed condition were found causing turmoil in the police department as well as district administer of the district.  

The investigation in the murders is being spearheaded by IG Devipatan and District Magistrate Dr. Dinesh Chandra with SP Bahraich Sujata Singh conducting a search operation in the sugarcane field to find any evidence related to the incident with the help of multiple police stations.

During the search operation, in the sugarcane field in Khapurwa village the police recovered children’s clothes, neckerchiefs, shirts, vests, T-shirts and slippers along with mosquito nets etc.

The only thing currently connecting the 4 murders is that all the murders were done by slitting of the throat and throwing of the body in the sugarcane fields. 

  • Police recover clothes
  • 4 murders in Bahraich
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