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"Police acted swiftly, attempt to politicise Pune rash driving case wrong," says Maharashtra Deputy CM Fadnavis

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday asserted that the Pune police have taken every possible action on the rash driving case and there has been an attempt to politicise the incident by the opposition.

"There is an attempt to politicise the Pune case. The police acted swiftly in the Pune incident," Fadnavis said speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the police have appealed for a review before the Juvenile Justice Board.

"We have been surprised by the Juvenile Justice Board's decision on the Pune incident. But the police did not stop at that. Police have appealed against the decision and under the cognizance of the higher court, a review petition has been filed before the Juvenile Justice Board," Fadnavis said.

Speaking about the arrests in the case, Fadnavis said, "Those who served alcohol to the underage child have been arrested, and the father who gave him the car has been arrested as well. The police have done whatever is necessary."

Slamming Rahul Gandhi over his comments on the incident, Fadnavis said, "The attempt to bring electoral politics into every issue by Rahul Gandhi is wrong. I condemn this."

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing the PM of creating two Indias where justice is dependent on wealth.

"Narendra Modi is creating two Indias - where even justice is dependent on wealth," Rahul Gandhi posted on X.

He also spoke about the Pune rash driving case in which two people were killed and said how the accused belonging to a rich family was treated (given bail) while a bus driver or an auto driver was sentenced to ten years in prison in the same case.

"Bus driver, Truck driver, Ola, Uber and auto drivers. If they mistakenly kill somebody...then they are sentenced to ten years in prison. and throw away the key. But if a 17-year-old boy belonging to a rich family is driving a Porsche car under the influence of alcohol and kills two people, He is asked to write in a particular way," Rahul Gandhi said in a video message posted on his official social media account. 

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