Monday, October, 02,2023

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PM must declare ERCP as national project: D Rathore

Ajmer: Just two days ahead of PM Modi’s visit to Pushkar-Ajmer, the genie of declaring ERCP as a national project has come out of bottle. RTDC President Dharmendra Rathore, during a press conference in Ajmer on Monday, demanded that PM Modi should fulfill his 5-year-old promise to declare ERCP as a national project so that drinking water will be available in 13 districts of state including Ajmer. The problem of water & irrigation can be solved though this, he said.

Along with this, Rathore has demanded from the PM that for the first time after becoming PM, he is coming to Pushkar, the city of ‘Jagat-Pita’ Brahma and the way the state govt has given a budget of Rs 500 crores to develop the city of religious and tourism importance.

“Similarly, the PM should also issue an additional budget of at least Rs 500 crores for Pushkar’s development. By giving a rebate of Rs 500 in gas cylinders, the poor can be relieved from inflation,” he said.

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